Virginia Ethics – Virginia Ethics for 2023 (v23) – Self Study Course


CPAs are professionals that are required to make ethical decisions daily when performing their duties. Ethics are moral principles or values that tend to be unique to each individual and are used to shape decisions. Ethical standards are based on ethical principles. All CPAs are required to apply ethical principles to their practice and to the services that provide. This course identifies why it is crucial for all CPAs to practice ethics and to solve ethical dilemmas that they encounter. This course will start with a video segment provided by the Virginia Board of Accountancy (VBOA). The VBOA video segment includes important information that Virginian CPAs should know and understand. The specific topics discussed in the 2023 video segment include the use of the CPA title, mobility/reciprocity, firm license do’s and don’t’s, and finally, engagement letters. The course then identifies the need for ethics in the CPA profession and the ethical principles that all CPAs are required to comply with when performing their duties. This course will review ethics rules, regulations, and entities that provide ethics enforcement for CPAs. Finally, this course will amplify the importance of ethics through the display of previous disciplinary actions taken out by the VBOA. These examples will demonstrate the real-life consequences of not applying proper professional ethics when practicing as a CPA practitioner.