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CPE365 Site Privacy Policy

By creating a profile on or using the CPE365 website including, but not limited to or, (the “Website”) you accept the terms contained in this Privacy Policy, which govern the processing of your personal data on the Website.

We, CPE365, Fort Worth, TX (“CPE365”) recommend that you print and keep a copy of this Privacy Policy.

1.  Collecting information on the Website

Master data

When you create an account on the Website, we collect the following master data: Your name, your username, your password and your email address. The purpose of the collection of this information is to identify you as user when you log on to the Website. Furthermore, you can choose to add more information to your profile, such as your license number or PTIN.

Using the Site

You are responsible for using the website in a responsible manner and not giving out your user name and password.  If you purchase a subscription, you are responsible for taking courses during your subscription term.  You will be notified via email when your subscription expires. You must complete all courses that you have stated before your subscription expires. At this point, you will not be able to access any new course or complete any courses that you started.


We handle all communications primarily via email.  You must use a current and correct email address.  If you choose not to use a current and correct email address, you acknowledge that you will not receive email notifications and replies to support tickets.  Do this at your own risk of not receiving important business communications.

2  Disclosure of personal data

Disclosure of data on the Website

CPE365 will not share, rent or sell your account information.  However, we will market to your email address for the purpose of advertising the website and promoting the services sold on the website.

Advertising and Promotion

By buying a CPE plan (membership), you must agree to our term of service that allow CPE365 to send promotional emails and emails announcing new CPE courses. Agreeing to our terms of service is your opt-in consent to receive these emails.

Boards of Accountancy or Other Authorities

Only when requested by a Board of Accountancy or Other Authority will we provide any information about courses completed on the site.  

Website Account

You shall be in control of the data that you choose to add on your account profile.

3  Security measures

CPE365 will use commercially reasonable efforts to see that user data, including the personal information, under its control is handled using appropriate security measures. 

4. Approvals

CPE365 will renew all advertised approvals as required to keep them current. It is the user’s responsibility to verify that approvals are in good standing.  

5. Changes in the privacy policy

CPE365 may at any time and without notice make changes to its privacy policy with future effect. We will make an effort to provide reasonable advance notice of any such changes. CPE365 shall inform the users of the Website of such changes via the email address provided in each user account.  You agree that the continued use of the Website after any posted modified version of the Privacy Policy is your acceptance of the modified Privacy Policy.

In case of inquiries regarding CPE365’s privacy policy, you are welcome to contact CPE365 company representatives by email at, or by mail at the following address:


Fort Worth, TX 76106

November 2019