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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our company is a NASBA QAS CPE Sponsor. We following the NASBA/AICPA rules for self-study group-live and live CPE courses. These are the requirements for all Boards for CPE credits. We also have many state approvals and Board approved ethics courses. Please note that your Board has the final authority on CPE courses they will accept. Here is a list of our Sponsor Approvals.

NASBA – click to search the National Registry of CPE Sponsors for all states – Click here

California Regulatory Review Course – Click here

IRS CE Sponsor for all states –  Click here

New York – State approved for all courses and ethics courses – Click here

Ohio – State approved for all courses and ethics – Click here

Pennsylvania – State approved for all courses and ethics – Click here

Virginia – State approved for all courses and ethics – Click here

NASBA approves CPE Sponsors, not specific CPE courses. NASBA Approved CPE Sponsors are required to follow the NASBA / AICPA rules for CPE courses. All Boards will either require that CPE Sponsors provide CPE courses that comply with the NASBA / AICPA rules or the CPE Sponsor is a NASBA approved CPE sponsor. 

All self-study courses (PDF self-study and Video self-study) require passing an exam at the end of the course to earn CPE credits. 

On-Demand and Live webinars do not require passing an exam to earn CPE credits. You will be earning CPE credits for the time you spend participating in these sessions.

Online self-study courses (this includes both PDF self-study and Video self-study courses) require reading the course material or watching the course videos and passing an online exam.  You can download and print the exam questions and have them in front of you while reviewing the course material. You will also get unlimited attempts to pass the course exams.

On-demand webinars and Live webinars  require watching the webinar sessions and answering the polling questions presented during each session. These courses do not require passing an exam. You will earn CPE credit for the time you spend in each session and the polling questions you answer during the session. 

CPAs are required to report their own CPE credits to your Board. You will receive a certificate of completion for each course that you complete. You should print and save course certificates for your records. If you get audited, your Board will contact us to verify that you completed the CPE courses that you claimed that you completed.

Yes. Ethics courses are included in this CPE plan. 

No. You just pay the one-time fee. All materials that are required to earn CPE credits are included for that one fee.

Contact CPE365 pre-sales customer representatives for any additional questions that you may have related to CPE Plans, Approvals or Earning CPE credits on the CPE365 site.