Leading Effective Meetings for CPAs 2024 – On Demand Webinar

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All practices consist of multiple individuals and groups working towards the success of the organization and their practice. To ensure that all employees are on the same page, meetings are sometimes required. There will be meetings consisting of only practitioners, others with only office members, and still other meetings that includes all employees who participate in the practice. The practice owner or other practitioner will typically lead these group meetings. Leading Effective Meetings for CPAs is a webinar that will help CPAs to lead more effective meetings. This webinar will describe the purpose and benefits of using an agenda for all CPAs. This webinar will also describe and benefits of establishing ground rules for meetings and the importance of recording meeting minutes. Finally, this webinar will list the steps for effectively closing a meeting.

We provide a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to answer any questions you may have during this session. SMEs are available from 8am to 7:30pm Central Time. This course should only be taken during SME hours.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this webinar, students will be able to:

  • List the six principles for effective meetings.
  • Describe the purpose and benefits of using an agenda for all practice meetings.
  • Identify the benefits of establishing meeting ground rules.
  • Describe the importance of recording meeting minutes.
  • List the steps for closing a meeting.

CPE Credits: 1 CPE for CPAs

Level: Intermediate

Instructional Method: Group Internet Based

NASBA Field of Study: Management Services

Program Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None

Revision Date: March 23, 2024