Improving Code and Reducing Risk Using Agile XP (v23) – On Demand Webinar

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Most CPAs find themselves performing many different financial activities throughout the week. Although most CPAs are not official project managers, the different financial activities such as audits, preparing financial statements, and preparing tax returns may be handled as individual projects. As a result, a project management methodology needs to be selected and in many cases improvements to achieve greater efficiency is desired. This webinar will describe the Agile Extreme Programming project management methodology.

Agile XP project management is a methodology that applies agile project management process with values, principles, and practices.  This webinar will describe the agile project management approach and compare it to a traditional project management approach.  This webinar will describe the four values and twelve agile principles. XP stands for extreme programming. This webinar will describe how XP works and improves how project teams write software.  This webinar will explain the values, principles, and practices for XP.  This webinar will describe how projects are planned and executed using XP.  Finally, this webinar will describe how XP teams improve.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this webinar, students will be able to:

  • Identify the project life cycle.
  • List the characteristic for a Waterfall project management method.
  • Recognize the four values for an agile method.
  • Identify the twelve agile principles.
  • Identify XP values, principles and practices.
  • Recognize how project planning is performed using XP.
  • Identify how XP teams improve their processes.

CPE Credits: 2 CPE for CPAs

Level: Intermediate

Instructional Method: Group Internet Based

NASBA Field of Study: Management Services

Program Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None

Revision Date: March 24, 2023