Duties When Managing a Project – Video Course – Final Exam

Now that you have finished reviewing all course material, it’s time to take the final exam for this course. In compliance with NASBA rules and regulations, you must score a 70% or higher on this final exam to earn CPE credits for this course. There is an unlimited amount of time available to take the final exam, and you have the option of taking the final exam as many times as needed to pass. Good luck!

Important – You cannot save your answers so please complete the exam before logging off the site. You will get unlimited attempts to pass this exam but the site will display the exam questions without any previous answers each time your re-attempt this exam. The CPE365 staff recommends downloading and printing the final exam PDF from the Course Materials lesson (the first lesson in every Self-Study course) and circling the correct answer as you run across them in the course reading material. This will make entering your answers into this final exam fast and less frustrating.