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We realize that switching to a new CPE site requires effort. Let’s face it, all CPE sites are fundamentally the same and serve the same purpose – earning required CPE.  The important factors to consider are: approval, price, course selection, ease of completing CPE courses, and how easy the site is to use.  By browsing our site, you can see that we are approved, have great prices, and have a great course selection with lots of video content. This offer is meant to demonstrate that the CPE365 site will require less time and effort to complete your CPE. 

The CPE365 Free CPE Offer will provide immediate access to: 1 Self-Study Course and 1 On-Demand (recorded) webinar. This offer will allow you to try the different types (formats) of CPE courses that are available on the CPE365 site and earn Free CPE.  The courses included in this Free CPE offer are:

  1. What is Agile and Why Use It – On Demand Webinar – Available Immediately. Provides 1 Group Live CPE Credt.
  2. Overview of the 2018 Yellow Book and Significant Changes – Self-Study Course – Available Immediately. Provides 1 Self-Study CPE Credt.

No purchase is necessary.  Just click the ‘Sign Me Up’ button below to create an account to access the free CPE courses.  You will be creating an account on the CPE365 site and accessing the free courses from your account. You will be able to access the Self-Study Course and the On-Demand webinar immediately. You can sign up for the Live Webinar immediately but you must attend the Live presentation to earn CPE credit. The Free CPE plan will be active for 30 days. You will be able to receive a certificate of completion for each course that you complete – again, no credit card is required. Once your 30 day free membership has expired, you will lose access to these free courses. You may purchase a CPE plan, if you would like to take additional courses but it is up to you.  We believe that once you use the CPE365 site, you will want to use this site to earn your CPE going forward. 

Free CPE Offer

FREE No credit card required
  • This Free offer will provide immediate access to: 1 Self-Study PDF Course, 1 Live Webinar and 1 On-Demand (recorded) webinar.
  • The 2 courses are available immediately
  • Complete the two free courses and earn 2 CPE credits.
  • Includes Everything to Earn CPE credits - No Additional or Hidden Fees!
  • All Self-Study Courses Allow Downloading Course Content and Exam Questions.
  • This Plan Includes an On-Demand Webinar - Earn CPE Without Any Exams!
  • Access the Courses in This Free Offer for 30 Days.
  • You MUST Sign Up to Take Advantage of this Free CPE Offer

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our company is a NASBA QAS CPE Sponsor. We following the NASBA/AICPA rules for self-study group-live and live CPE courses. These are the requirements for all Boards for CPE credits. Please note that your Board has the final authority on CPE courses they will accept. Check with your Board if you have any questions about what course they will accept for CPE credit.

NASBA approves CPE Sponsors, not specific CPE courses. NASBA Approved CPE Sponsors are required to follow the NASBA / AICPA rules for CPE courses. All Boards will either require that CPE Sponsors provide CPE courses that comply with the NASBA / AICPA rules or the CPE Sponsor is a NASBA approved CPE sponsor. 

All self-study courses (PDF self-study and Video self-study) require passing an exam at the end of the course to earn CPE credits. 

On-Demand and Live webinars do not require passing an exam is earn CPE credits. You will be earning CPE credits for the time you spend participating in these sessions.

Online self-study courses (this includes both PDF self-study and Video self-study courses) require reading the course material or watching the course videos and passing an online exam.  You can download and print the exam questions and have them in front of you while reviewing the course material. You will also get unlimited attempts to pass the course exams.

On-demand webinars and Live webinars  require watching the webinar sessions and answering the polling questions presented during each session. These courses do not require passing an exam. You will earn CPE credit for the time you spend in each session and the polling questions you answer during the session. 

CPAs are required to report their own CPE credits to your Board. You will receive a certificate of completion for each course that you complete. You should print and save course certificates for your records. If you get audited, your Board will contact us to verify that you completed the CPE courses that you claimed that you completed.

No. Ethics courses are only included in all Unlimited CPE plans.  If you need ethics courses, they can be purchased individually. 

No. You just pay the one-time fee. All materials that are required to earn CPE credits are included for that one fee.

Contact CPE365 pre-sales customer representatives for any additional questions that you may have related to CPE Plans, Approvals or Earning CPE credits on the CPE365 site.

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"I really like the on-demand webinars. I was able to go through them at my own pace and no exam."
"CPE365 was a great find. My plan includes live webinars for a very reasonable price. Webinars are super expensive on other sites."
"Your free support is the best. Thanks so much for your quick reply and help!."